Rules and regulations of the film competition 2023



1.1. The Film Competition (“Competition”) taking place during Ladek Mountain Festival (“Festival”) is organized by STOWARZYSZENIE TOWARZYSTWO KRZEWIENIA KULTURY FIZYCZNEJ KOMPAS located in Pasterka 6, 57-350 Kudowa-Zdrój, Poland registered at Central Registration and Information on Business under NIP 5832958302.

1.2. The Organizer promises to provide the awards for the Competition winners as understood by articles 919 and 921 of Civil Code.

1.3. The Competition will take place on the territory of the Republic of Poland.

1.4. The Competition will be held from February 5, 2023 till September 10, 2023. Submissions final deadline is on June 5, 2023.

1.5. The Competition’s objective is to promote mountains-related filmmaking.


2.1. Any movie that is thematically linked to the mountains and has an artistic virtue, is eligible to participate. Mountain theme in submitted movies can be of any kind. Movies of  any genre, made using any technique can be submitted for the Competition, given that they are released in 2021 or later.

2.2. Participation is possible for both Polish and foreign authors, regardless of them being professionals with a degree in filming or amateurs.

2.3. Each movie can be submitted only once. Movies submitted in previous editions of festival cannot be resubmitted. In case of such submission Organizer will exclude the movie from the Competition.

2.4. During the submission process, there’s an administration fee which depends on the film’s runtime and the submission’s date:

a) Early Bird (February 5 to March 5, 2023) – it’s 40USD for a feature documentary film (longer than 40 minutes) 20USD for a short (under 40 minutes). 

b) Regular (March 5 to May 5, 2023) – it’s 50USD and 30USD respectively.

c) Late (May 5 to June 5, 2023) –  it’s 65USD and 45USD respectively.


3.1. To participate, author mentioned in §2.1. and §2.2., must complete the submission at FilmFreeway platform ( no later than June 5, 2023. Applications submitted after this deadline won’t be considered, resulting that the submitted movie cannot participate in the Competition.

3.2. Properly completed entry form must contain name and surname of the author, mail address, contact phone number, e-mail address, film title, year of production, movie runtime, dialogue language, director’s surname, screenwriter’s surname, and cinematography and music authors.

3.3. The submission must include a screener of the movie. Digital copy can be delivered by a download link and must be available for the Organizer no later than specified in §3.1.). The movie shall be accompanied by the transcript in the original language and in English.

3.4. By submitting correctly completed entry form and the movie author becomes a participant of the Competition (“Participant”).

3.5. Submitted entries will be subject to a selection. Movies not selected will be ruled out from the Competition.

3.6. Evaluation of the movies will be performed by Competition Jury designated by the Organizer.

3.7. Submitted entries will be screened during 28th Ladek Mountain Festival in Ladek-Zdroj on  September 7 to 10, 2023.

3.8. Competition Jury will judge submitted entries and will make a verdict on September 10, 2023 at the latest. Competition Jury will consider film’s theme, its artistic virtue and thematic linkage to the mountains.

3.9. The Competition winners will be announced at the Film Awards Ceremony of 28th Ladek Mountain Festival not later than on September 10, 2023 and on the festival’s website and FB page not later than on September 12, 2023.

3.10. Some of the awarded movies are subject to additional screening after Closing Ceremony of Ladek Mountain Festival and in the next editions of the Festival.

3.11. Unless decided otherwise by the entrant during the submission process, the titles selected for the Film Competition will also be part of the online festival, September 7th-30th, 2023: protected DRM streaming at our platform, with access granted exclusively to the festival’s audience with passes, geoblocked to Poland only.


4.1. Competition Jury will award the following prizes:

a) Grand Prize,

b) Best Film About Climbing,

c) Best Film About Mountaineering,

d) Best Film About Man & Mountains,

e) Best Film About Mountain Sports,

f) Best Film About Adventure & Exploration,

g) Best Polish Film,

h) Best Short Film

4.2. Before the deliberation of the Jury, Film Programming Director can decide to change the names of the categories so they correspond better to the submitted films.

4.3. Each award consists of the title “The Best” in category and, if the category is supported by a sponsor, also of a financial prize.

4.4. Besides awards listed in §4.1. a) – h), the Competition Jury can award Special Mentions. Number of Special Mentions is at the sole decision of the Jury.

4.5. The Competition Jury, Film Programming Director and Festival’s Director can also award special prizes for extraordinary movies. Special prizes can be awarded only with the consent from the Organizer. The name of special prize and its value will be announced to Participants only after decision and its further acceptance by the Organizer.

4.6. The verdict of the Competition Jury is definitive.

4.7. During Festival the People’s Choice Award is awarded. The winner is the film which gets the most votes from the audience participating in Ladek Mountain Festival.

4.8. The winners will be asked to issue an invoice for the financial prize. The prizes will be sent by bank transfer.

4.9. The financial prizes are subject to the Polish tax law.

4.10. The Participant cannot transfer award to any other party.

4.11. Competition sponsors are entitled to award a prize for Participants of their choice. The kind of prize and its value and issuing date are subject to sponsor’s own decision, without Organizer’s participation. The Organizer informs that the sponsor is the payer of the lump-sum tax from the prize, when its value exceeds 2000 PLN. Sponsor is also responsible for fulfilling all other tax responsibilities. The Organizer informs that in case of sponsor not grossing-up the prize, which value exceeds 2000 PLN, the Participant must donate lump-sum tax (10% of the prize value) to the sponsor.


5.1. The Participant declares (and exclusively accepts any further liabilities) that he has exclusive rights (in particular copyright) to the movies submitted according to §3.4. The participant also declares that submitted movies are not infringing any third party intellectual property rights and that he has any required licenses and agreements to distribute the movie.

5.2. The Participant declares (and exclusively accepts any further liabilities) that he had acquired all of the required permissions to use images of featured persons in the movies submitted according to §3.4.

5.3. The Participant declares (and exclusively accepts any further liabilities) that he had acquired any required permissions to the reproduce the movie’s soundtrack from the Association on collective management of copyrights and related rights in the movies submitted according to §3.4.

5.4. The Participant guarantee the Festival the right to use up to 3 minutes from the entry for promotional purposes.


6.1. The complaints about the course of the Competition can be filed by email to or by registered mail sent to the postal address from §1.1., but no later than 14 days after announcement of the results.

6.2. Only Participants are entitled to file a complaint.

6.3. Complain should include a name and a surname of the Participant, postal address for letters, contact telephone number, e-mail address and the title of the submitted movie. In any case complaint must contain exact description and cause for filing a complaint.

6.4. The Organizer will investigate complains according to these rules and regulations.

6.5. The Organizer’s decision about a complaint is definitive and binding. The Participant will be informed about ruling by e-mail no later than 21 days after filing a complaint.


7.1. Organizer provides accommodation and All-Access Pass to Ladek Mountain Festival for each Participant whose movie is accepted for the Competition.

7.2. The exact wording of these regulations will be provided to the Participants in the Organizer’s head office and on the official website.

7.3. Regulations and rules of the Competition are regulated by this document only. Any promotional materials related to the Competition are strictly informational.

7.4. Participation is voluntary. Submission of movie and participation in the Competition implies agreement to these terms.

7.5. Collected data is administered by Stowarzyszenie TKKF KOMPAS, Pasterka 6, 57-350 Kudowa-Zdrój, Poland. The Participant’s personal data will be processed according to the privacy policy described at privacy policy page:

7.6. We don’t pay screening fees for the in-person nor online festival screenings, but we do offer a license fee for Ladek Film Tour screenings. The agreements concerning LFT will be discussed with the filmmakers and the agreed license fees will be paid.