Competition Films of the 26th Ladek Mountain Film Festival
 Action Directe Reel Rock 15 - Polish premiereUnited States, 2020, reż: Zachary Barr and Josh Lowell, 16min
French powerhouse Melissa Le Nevé spends seven years battling insane moves, inner doubt, and the burden of history to climb the most revered sport route on earth. TRAILER: more
 Altaï - Polish premiereFrance, 2020, reż: François LAGORCE , 6min
Munzuk and his 14-year-old daughter Mine are two Mongols from the Altaï peaks. They regularly suffer the attacks of wolves who gradually decimate their flock. When the small family experiences the ultimate attack of the wolves, Mine will be separated from his father and confronted to a divine more
 Artur GumaPoland, 2020, reż: Agnieszka Korycka-Sobotka, 19min
Due to a certain past event, Artur "Guma" Pierzchniak is a legendary man. He is renowned in the community of mountaineers and mountain lovers. Nobody fears the climbing routes he has established. A man for whom rocks are much more than merely inanimate matter and who treats mountains as a more
 Big NorthItaly, 2020, reż: Dario Acocella, 82min
A journey of an Italian multi awarded writer Paolo Cognetti in the footsteps of the writers who mostly influenced and inspired him as a storyteller – Jack London, Ernest Hemingway, Henry David Thoreau, Raymond Carver and Jack Kerouac. The feature documentary explores the relationship between more
 Black Ice Reel Rock 15 - Polish premiereUnited States, 2020, reż: Peter Mortimer and Zachary Barr, 45min
A crew of aspiring ice climbers from the Memphis Rox gym travels to the frozen wilds of Montana, where mentors Manoah Ainuu, Conrad Anker and Fred Campbell share their love of winter adventure in the mountains. TRAILER: more
 Climbing Iran - Polish premiereItaly, 2020, reż: Francesca Borghetti, 54min
Nasim is a free climber, the only woman able to open new routes in Iran. She’s facing a double mountain to climb, both physical and cultural, as her passion collides with the strict policies concerning women freedom in her country. And she has a dream: open a new route in the Alps. TRAILER: more
 ConnectionCzech Republic, 2020, reż: Jan Zurek, 29min
A highline project organized by passionate woman all around the globe. Eight girls from France, Czech Republic and Canada decide to rig half a kilometer long highline between two iconic rock towers in the Moab desert in Utah. They spend five days on the towers and not only they connect these more
 Deep Roots Reel Rock 15 - Polish premiereUnited States, 2020, reż: Josh Lowell, Nick Rosen, Brett Lowell, 34min
Lonnie Kauk’s personal journey to honor his indigenous Yosemite roots, and to connect with his legendary father by repeating his iconic climbs. TRAILER: more
 Earn Your TurnFrance, 2020, reż: Alexis BLAISE & Arthur GHILINI, 21min
Julien "Pica" Herry takes us in his own garden. Born in Chamonix Mont-Blanc, its where he developed his style and technique. Mountains run through his veins. A discreet athlete, he practices mountaineering and snowboarding as few have done before him. High mountain guide and powder lover, more
 Everest – The Hard WaySlovakia, 2020, reż: Pavol Barabas, 52min
Is it possible to climb the hardest route on Mount Everest in Alpine style? Sir Chris Bonington, the most famous British climber, named this route The Hard Way and stated it is impossible. It became a challenge for four Slovak climbers. In 1988 they started their hardest way with no escape. more
 Falling Mountains - Polish premiereFrance, 2020, reż: Katie Moore, 29min
The last three years have been the warmest on record in the European Alps - glaciers are receding at an alarming rate and mountains are crumbling. Can alpine communities adapt economies and livelihoods fast enough to keep pace with this rapid change? Mont Blanc towers over the surrounding alpine more
 First Ascent / Last Ascent Reel Rock 15 - Polish premiereUnited States, 2020, reż: Jen Randall, 25min
Best friends Hazel Findlay and Maddy Cope journey to the rocky outer reaches of Mongolia, on a quixotic search for new trad routes. TRAILER: more
 Follow the Red Rabbit - world premierePoland, 2021, reż: Szczytografia Łukasz Malinowski, 19min
Główny Szlak Beskidzki, najdłuższy szlak turystyczny w Polsce, od zawsze był obiektem zainteresowania najlepszych biegaczy górskich w kraju. Kolejne osoby poprawiały rekord na trasie oznaczonej czerwoną kropką, ale otwartym wciąż pozostawało pytanie: Czy możliwe jest przebiegnięcie more
 Godspeed, los Polacos!United States, 2020, reż: Adam Nawrot, 88min
After claiming the first descent of the world’s deepest canyon, five University students risk it all to fight for democracy in the Eastern Bloc. “Godspeed, los Polacos!” is a genre-bending adventure documentary that offers perspective on the current political climate by investigating the fall more
 Just fly...Poland, 2020, reż: Barbara Jendrzejczyk, 12min
It is said that a man without dreams is like a tree without bark. What happens when dreams literally reach for the sky? Iwona Januszyk – athlete, woman, soldier, and recently even record holder in running up Rysy, Poland’s highest mountain – is a living example that it is worth it to follow more
 La Doyenne du Monde - Polish premiereFrance, 2020, reż: pejan, 28min
In 2014, the French travel photographer Alexandre Sattler took a picture of a lady whose ageless face seemed to him like a parchment of wisdom. Back in France, he spent hours looking at her portrait and nicknamed her "doyenne of the world". Five years later, Alexandre decides to go back more
 MigrantsFrance, 2020, reż: Hugo Caby, Antoine Dupriez, Aubin Kubiak, Lucas Lermytte, Zoé Devise, 8min
Two polar bears are driven into exile due to global warming. They will encounter brown bears along their journey, with whom they will try to cohabitate. TRAILER: more
 Motherload - Polish premiereCanada, 2020, reż: Zoya Lynch, 14min
It is often said that the hardest part of any adventure is getting out the door. Planning and packing are tedious and time consuming. But the moment you cross over the threshold from the distractions of the real world to the freedom of the hills, everything seems to just fall into place. Said no more
 Mount Logan - Polish premiereFrance, 2020, reż: Alexandre Marchesseau, Arthur Ghilini, 13min
An incredible 50 days journey thru Alaska and Yukon:They climbed Mount Logan and they skied the east ridge, 3800m high shoulder on the highest peak in Canada. Mount Logan is the highest peak in Canada and the second highest peak in North America. To reach the top, Hélias Millerioux, Alexandre more
 My Upside Down WorldItaly, 2021, reż: Elena Goatelli, 70min
Angelika Rainer, born in Merano in 1986, is a three-times world champion in ice climbing and receives recognition around the world for her sporting skills. The Merano climber was the first woman in her family able to decide for herself what she wanted to do with her life. After the world more
 Myrtle Simpson: A Life On Ice - Polish premiereUnited States, 2019, reż: Leigh Anne Sides, 34min
Myrtle Simpson narrates the story of three of her most dramatic and significant expeditions, starting with the Edinburgh Andean Expedition to Peru in 1958, her record-breaking success on the Scottish Trans-Greenland Expedition to cross Greenland in 1965 and her team’s attempt to be the first more
 Mystery Mountain Project - Polish premiereCanada, 2020, reż: Greg Gransden, 76min
This is the story of Canada’s original extreme sports couple, Don and Phyllis Munday, husband and wife mountaineers. They were determined to find and climb an undiscovered peak they nicknamed Mystery Mountain. Almost a century later, the film follows a group of modern explorers as they set out to more
 Naretoi - European premiereUnited States, 2019, reż: Kelsey Doyle, 27min
Naretoi, which means "women empowering women" in KiMaasai, is a documentary film that follows a group of Maasai and American women on a self-supported expedition to the summit of Mount Kenya. Maasai live as pastoralists in a beautifully traditional, yet patriarchal and polygamous culture. more
 North Country - Polish premiereUnited States, 2019, reż: Nick Martini, 21min
Award-winning director Nick Martini and cinematographer Cam Riley have teamed up with executive producer Anthony Lahout to captivate a nation consumed with hashtags instead of history. This film tells a timeless short story of the American dream and the family that put a community on skis. After more
 On Falling - Polish premiereCanada, 2020, reż: Josephine Anderson, 14min
In this short documentary, three women reflect on their willingness to sustain broken bones, concussions, and organ damage as professional mountain bikers. On Falling is a dreamy, unorthodox glimpse into the inner landscapes of those immersed in a subculture where falling is normal. Blending more
 Our MountainsPoland, 2020, reż: Kobas Laksa, 20min
Jarek Pieniak runs a blog:, where he presents scientific considerations and concepts regarding the support of people with Down syndrome and the autism spectrum disorder. Jareks passion is conquering peaks – by literally difficult mountain trails. On the journey, he takes his wife more
 PossessedPoland, 2021, reż: Jakub Brzosko, 36min
The film presents Marcin Gąsienica-Kotelnicki, one of the authors of the most difficult climbing routes in the Tatra mountains. Inspired by his spiritual mentors Piotr Korczak, Wojtek Kurtyka and Jan Muskat, Marcin introduces us into his world – full of passion, dedication and more
 Running the Roof - Polish premiereUnited Kingdom, 2020, reż: Alexis Tymon, Ben Crocker, 51min
Three friends, bonded by a love of running, were desperate to ditch their desks and go on an adventure. One night, after a few too many drinks, they placed a bet. They would spin a globe and wherever their finger landed, they would run. They spun. Tajikistan. Tajikistan!? A part of the world few more
 Shamans Nightmare - Polish premiereAustria, 2021, reż: Natalie Halla, 76min
A very personal filmic journey of the director to four indigenous nomadic peoples and their shamans unexpectedly becomes an exciting contemporary witness of the struggle for survival of these last nomadic cultures, whose physical and cultural survival is existentially threatened by climate change. more
 Sweet Home Kamchatka - Polish premiereSpain, 2020, reż: Pep Cuberes & Xavier Esgleas, 25min
Ekaterina Osichkina, 19 years old and Ski Mountaineering Junior World Champion. She has made Kamchatka well known inside this sports community. Is it because her overwhelming dominance? or her great charisma? We follow her in the Russian far East, where we are all going to discover the wild beauty more
 Without a Paddle - Polish premiereCanada, 2020, reż: Johan Rosen, Nick Khattar, 41min
Adventure film that blends the history of the upper Columbia River with a 140km paddle from the foot of the Mica Dam to the top of the Revelstoke Dam. Four intrepid snowboarders seek to retrace a portion of David Thompsons footsteps down the Columbia River, in the middle of January, during one of more