Nicolas Favresse - Festiwal Górski 2019 w Lądku-Zdroju
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Welcome to the 24rd edition of Ladek Mountain Festival – the greatest and oldest Polish event of this kind. 2019 edition will be held from the 19th to 22nd of September. Piolets d’Or 2019 Awards Ceremony will take place during the Festival. As usual the event will offer many film screenings as well as the meetings with great climbers and mountaineers. Save the date!

Nicolas Favresse

Born and raised in Belgium, his first outdoor activities were sailing, windsurfing, skiing and mountain biking. He started climbing at the age of 15. During his visit to Yosemite he discovered big walls and traditional climbing which changed his approach and focus on climbing. He has so far climbed big walls in Canada, Patagonia, Venezuela, Pakistan and Greenland.
He received a few prestigious awards: 2009 Golden Piton Award in the category of Big wall for the climbs done in Baffin Island, 2010 Piolet d’Or for the climbs done in Greenland and 2012 Karl Unterkircher, also for the climbs in Greenland.
He is also a talented musican, he brings a guitar to every expedition.

His best ascents include:
• Free ascents of Freerider and Salathé Wall, El Capitan, Yosemite, California
• First ascents of The Secret Passage (5.13c) and Lost in Translation (5.12+), El Capitan, Yosemite, California
• First ascent of L’appat (5.13 R), Falls Wall, Yosemite, California
• Ascent of Orbayu (8b+/c), Picos de Europa, Spain
• Ascent of Silbergeier (8b), Ratikon, Switzerland
• Fitz Roy, east face first free ascent and onsight via a combination of the Ferrari route, Royal Flush and El corazon 5.12b 1300m in a 36h push from Camp to camp
• First free ascent of the East Face of the Central Tower of Torres Del Paine, via the South African Route, (5.12+) Patagonia
• First ascent of Ledgeway to Heaven (5.12+), Nafees Cap, Charakusa Valley, Pakistan
• First free ascent of Devil’s Brew (5.12+), Impossible Wall, Upernavick area, Greenland
• First free ascent of Apichavai (8a+), Tuyuren Waterfall Wall, Amuri Tepui, Venezuela
• Second ascent of Cobra Crack (5.14), Squamish, British Columbia, Canada
• First ascent of Inshalah (8c+) and Gura Gutarak (8c+), Kalymnos, Greece
• First ascent of Le Clou (8c) and Razorblade (8c), Freyr, Belgium
• Ascent of Estado Critico (9A) and La Reina Mora (8c+), El Pati, Siurana
• First ascent of Vacunamatata (8c+/9a), Siurana, Spain
• First ascent of The Recovery Drink (5.14+), Jossingfjord, Norway