Natalia Tomasiak - Festiwal Górski 2020 w Lądku-Zdroju
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The 25th edition of the Festival will be longer than usual. Get ready for 10 days, 11th – 20th of September 2020!

Natalia Tomasiak

Natalia Tomasiak, a young, talented and very ambitious runner from Krynica Zdrój, situated in the picturesque Beskid Sądecki. She currently lives, works and promotes an active lifestyle in Krakow. She has been training trail running for only 4 years but has already been amazingly successful. In her sport verve she reaches high (literally!): in 2016, as the first Polish woman, she participated in World Cup Skyrunning Extreme and was the 5th athlete in general classification. (Skyrunning-extreme form of mountain running. Often includes running above 2000 m above sea level, with the inclination of 30% and the degree of climbing difficulty at the II or even III grade). Representative of Poland, appointed by the Polish Athletics Association for Trail World Championships and Skyrunning European Championships. One of the best mountain runners in Europe. Boldly and successfully takes up new challenges such as ski-touring competitions. Since 2016 the representative of Salomon Suunto Team and  from this year onwards also Polish Petzl Team.

Privately, an optimist and a volcano of activity: since childhood she has had boundless energy.  Has tried basketball,Taekwondo, swimming, cycling, but it was trail running that has absorbed her completely.  Enthusiast of mountains, mountain running, fan of ski-touring, has also done easy climbs in the High Tatras – she especially enjoys ridges. In winter, Natalia works as a ski and snowboard instructor, she is also a co-founder of a ski school for kids.  She runs e.g. winter actions “Safe Slope”, organised by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration and the Ministry of Education A traveller, has participated in expeditions to interesting corners of the world, such as the Arctic, Lapland, Caucasus, the Rocky Mountains. The author of the guidebook Przez Polskie Góry “Through the Polish Mountains” where she infects others with her activity. In her spare time a blogger and author of sport guidebooks.

Below an already considerable list of Natalia’s achievements:

1st place Vall De Rives XS (Spain)-43 km/+ 3500

1st place- Edward Hudziak Memorial-ski-touring
2nd place – Stołowe Mountains Winter Half Marathon (1st place – Polish Alpinists Mountain Running Championships)
2nd place – B. German Polar Sport Skitour-ski-touring
2nd place – Cracow Mountain Running Grand Prix

1st place – Stubai UltraTrail-63 km/+ 5100
1st place-Wielka Prehyba-45 km (Running in Szczawnica)

1st place – Beskidzki Topór-half marathon
2nd place 3 x Śnieżka = 1 x Mont Blanc, MINI distance-17 km
3rd place7 Valley Run-64km/+3100m
2nd place Trojak Trail-10 km (Dolnośląski Festiwal Biegów Górskich)
3rd place- B. German PolarSport SkiTour (ski-touring competition)
3rd place Glacier 3000 Marathon + 2900 (Gstaad)
13th place-Royal Ultra Sky Marathon-Gran Paradiso-World Cup Skyrunning Extreme
15th place Skyrunning European Championships in Basque Country (Spain)-31 km/+ 2400 m
7th place in women’s team classification-Trail World Championships, Italy

1st place H. Openneheim Memorial (ski-touring)
1st place Runek Run-Running Festival in Krynica-Zdrój
2nd place Golden Half Marathon-10 km (Dolnośląski Festiwal Biegów Górskich)
2nd place in team classification Salomon Suunto Team, 6th place Skyrunning Polish Championships (Marduła Run) (the Tatras)
2nd place Half Marathon “O Puchar Czarnieckich Makaronów”
2nd place Trojak Trail-10 km (Dolnośląski Festiwal Biegów Górskich)
2nd place Transvulcania Marathon
3rd place Zugspitze Ultra Trail Basetrail XL
3rd place City Trail Lublin-5 km
4th place Long Distance Polish Championships (Running in Szczawnica)
4th place B. German PolarSport SkiTour (ski-touring competition)
4th place Tromso Skyrace Hamperokken (World Cup Skyrunning Extreme)
6th place Trofeo Kima (World Cup Skyrunning Extreme)

7th place Salomon Glen Coe Skyline (World Cup Skyrunning Extreme)
5th place in the women’s general classification of the World Cup Skyrunning Extreme

3rd place Flexistav Run Granią Tatr 2015-73 km
1st place Sky & Clouds Tatra Extreme (Slovakia, the High Tatras)

1st place Ultramarathon 66 km – Running Festival  (Krynica Zdrój)