Schedule 2018 - Festiwal Górski 2018 w Lądku-Zdroju
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Welcome to the 23rd edition of Ladek Mountain Festival – the greatest and oldest Polish event of this kind. 2018 edition will be held from the 20th to 23rd of September. Piolets d’Or 2018 Awards Ceremony will take place during the Festival. As usual the event will offer many film screenings as well as the meetings with great climbers and mountaineers. Save the date!

Schedule 2018

The following  schedule can (and certainly will) be subject of minor modifications.
This is not a complete agenda yet – negotiations are still going on with some of the Very Important Guests – we will update it systematically.

Thursday, 20th September 2018 r.

Big Tent
17:30 Festival opening ceremony (Live Interpretation to English)
18:00 Andrzej Bargiel -first ski descent from K2 (Live Interpretation to English)
21:00  In memoriam of Tomasz Mackiewicz – appear: Elisabeth Revol, Anna Solska-Mackiewicz, Marek Klonowski, lead: Robert Jałocha
(Live Interpretation to English)

Cinema Tent
19:00 “20 Years of Vertical Mountains” Pou Brothers – Eneko Pou and Iker Pou

All the movies are in English or with English subtitles
10:00 Films: “Nanga Dream”, “Magnetic Mountains”
12:00 Films: “Runcamino”, “Into Twin Galaxies”
14:00 Films: “La Congenialita. Attitude of Gratitude”, “Notes From The Wall”, “My Big White Thighs & Me”
16:00 Film: “Dreamland”
18:45 Films: “Loved By All. The Story of Apa Sherpa”, “Mountain of The Crystal Diggers”, “Legenda Klimka”
20:45 Films: “Big World”, “Mira”, “Blue Heart”
22:45 Films: “Reel Rock 12 – Break On Through”, “Addicted to Altitude”

Radochowska Cave
15:00 Andrzej Ciszewski lecture (in Polish) Lamprechtsofen 2018 – Poles with the world record in the Austrian cave. The number of participants is limited. Reservations can be made by calling 604 337 846

16:00 opening of the exhibition: The Lamprechtsofen Cave- under the surface of the Leogang Steinberge Massif– Michał Ciszewski

Petzl Tent
16:30 Petzl Running Session with Bartosz Gorczyca.

Zdrojowa Cafe
23:00 party feat. Grubson Sound System

Friday, 21st September 2018 r.

Big Tent
11:30 Rescue action Shivling 2016 – appear: Maciej CiesielskiAndrzej ŻyczkowskiKacper Tekieli (Live Interpretation to English)
13:15 Łukasz Supergan. Traverse of Alps (Live Interpretation to English)
14:15 Karolina Ośka. Climbing transformation (Live Interpretation to English)
15:15 Małgorzata Wojtaczka. Alone to the North Pole(Live Interpretation to English)
16:15 Krzysztof Starnawski. The deepest and most beautiful caves of the world. (Live Interpretation to English)
17:30 Piolets d’Or awarder – Andrej Stremfelj
18:45 Ines Papert & Luka Lindič. Alpinism on the Edge of Dreams. (Speakers speak English)
20:30 Meeting with participants of National K2 Expedition.
lead: Oswald Rodrigo Pereira
appear:  Krzysztof WielickiDenis UrubkoAdam BieleckiJanusz GołąbDarek ZałuskiPiotr Snopczyński, Marcin Kaczkan, Piotr TomalaMarek ChmielarskiJarosław Botor, Janusz Majer.
The meeting will be followed by a discussion: How to climb K2? with first winter conquerors of eight-thousanders  (Live Interpretation to English)

Cinema Tent
All the movies are in English or with English subtitles
09:00 Films: “Mothered By Mountains”, “Tomasz Mackiewicz (1973 – 2018)”, “Life In Four Elements”
10:45 Films: “Choices”, “Follow Through”, “In the Starlight”
12:45 Films: “Hold Fast”, “Ario Dream”
14:45 Films: “Reel Rock 12 – Safety Third”, “Reel Rock 12 -Stumped”, “Chasing Balance”
16:45 Film: “Magnetic Mountains”. After the screening, Q&A with the director Steve Wakeford and the producer Menna Pritchard (in English)
18:45 Film: “Dreamland”. After the screening, Q&A with the director Staszek Berbeka (in Polish)
20:45 Films: “Reel Rock 12: Break On Through”, Addicted to Altitude”.


10.15 Marek Reganowicz. Solo and in a team on big walls- how to start and reach the top?

11.30 A film by Darek Załuski: “Winter Expedition to K2 1987/88” (1.15). After screening Q&A with the co-author of the film Dorota Rudawa

13.00 Marta Sokołowska. Mountains and gravity. About climbing, B.A.S.E. jumping and yoga.

16.00 Why do we look for in mountain books? And what do we find?- a discussion. Appear: Wojciech Kuczok, Marian Sajnog, Beata Słama, Monika Rogozińska, Piotr Trybalski- as a leader.

17.00 Mountain Book of the Year Competition 2018 winners, meeting with authors

18.45 Fulfilling one’s dreams. Michał Kochańczyk talking with Zbyszek Piotrowicz
20.00 K2 winter 2017/18 Opening of Piotr Snopczyński exhibition
21.00 Films: „Loved by All: The Story of Apa Sherpa”, „La Congenitalita. Altitude of Gratitude”, “Into Twin Galaxies”

Hotel Alhambra
11:00 Literary workshops: Self-publishing – how to publish a (mountain ) book yourself? – Katarzyna Rak.
12:30 How to publish a mountain photo album yourself? – Aga Baran and Łukasz Gomuła.
13:45 Literary workshops: Social media for a mountain person, how to promote your mountaineering activities– Andrzej Budnik.
15:00 Literary workshops: How to write about mountains to attract readers? – Łukasz Supergan.

Zdrojowa Café

10:00 GOPR workshops: First aid in non-hospital conditions. Mariusz GrudzieńTomasz Lipiński.
11:45 Workshops: Training in mountain hypoxia. Karol Hennig.
12:45 Warsztaty: Workshops: Active acclimatisation- modern methods of acclimatisation in the mountains– Karol Hennig.
13:45 GOPR workshops: GPS revealed. Radosław Sobczyk, Łukasz Felcenloben.
15:00 Workshops: The analysis of the mountain action and media coverage on K2. Bogusław Kowalski.
16:30 K2 through the eyes of a nutritionist. Marta Naczyk.
17:45 GOPR workshops: Safe exploration of caves and artificial facilities. Aleksander Chruściel, Łukasz Pokorski, Sławomir Parzonka
23:00 Danny Boy Experience Concert and a party


Festival Kindergarten

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LYO CULTURE CLUB and the Bookstore
9:00 – 10:30 Breakfast on the grass, including :
Reading Mountain Literature – Janusz Majer reading the book „Artur Hajzer. Droga Słonia” (author: Bartek Dobroch).
Coffee talks – short talks over a cup of morning coffee:
Piotr Trybalski – about the Book Festival
Christian Trommsdorff – about the Piolets d’Or
11.15 Marek Raganowicz signing  „Written in the Rings”
13.15 Beata Słama signing „O drzewach, które wybrały Tatry”
15.00 Dariusz Kaptur and Arek Tabisz signing the guidebook „ Skały Lądeckie”

Other venues
09:30 Geovita: Opening of Ewa Romaniak exhibition 100/100 Freedom Painting with the introduction by Wojciech Szatkowski.
10:00 High School Gym. Open training with Forma na Szczyt. Karol Hennig.
12:00-16:00 Big wall demo, theory is not everything. Workshops in the rocks with Marek Raganowicz. Assembly at the entrance to Kinoteatr at 12:00
16:00 Petzl Tent:  Petzl Workshops: an encounter with equipment. Maciek Ciesielski feat. Luka Lindič
16:30 Hotel Kalina: Opening of the exhibition Impossible is not forever.
22:00 – 23:00 Petzl Tent: Night running training with Piotr HercogNatalia Tomasiak, Bartosz Gorczyca

Saturday, 22nd September 2018 r.

Big Tent
10:45 Mina Leslie-Wujastyk. Dreaming Big (Speaker speaks English)
12:00 Piolets d’Or awarders: Zdeněk Hák Marek Holeček
12:45 Piolets d’Or awarder: Kenro Nakajima, Kazuya Hiraide
13:45 Cholitas Escaladores. Bolivian housekeepers on the top of the Bolivian mountains. (Speakers speak Spanish, live Interpretation to English)lead: Marzena and Krzysztof Wystrach
lead: Marzena and Krzysztof Wystrach
14:45 Women in the mountains-pushing the limits.  A panel discussion on the challenges and  future of  women’s exploration
appear: Kinga BaranowskaKinga Ociepka-GrzegulskaAnna OkopińskaKarolina Ośka Chantal Astorga, Mina Leslie-Wujastyk, Masha Gordon  and Małgorzata Śmieszek as a leader (Live Interpretation to English)

16:15 „Broad Peak” –  the production of the film about Maciej Berbeka. A panel discussion with its makers. Appear: Ireneusz Czop, Leszek Dawid, Maciej Rzączyński, Dawid Janicki and Jacek Jawień. Lead: Maciej Sokołowski.

19:45 Les Piolets d’Or Award Ceremony
Appear this and recent years awarded alpinists.
(Speakers speak English). At the same time in the Cinema Tent and Amfiteatr there will be rebroadcast with simultaneous translation into Polish.

Cinema Tent
(in English or with English subtitles)
09:15 Films: „Notes From The Wall”, after screening meeting with Nico Favresse and Sean Villanueva
11:15 Films: „Nanga Dream”, after screening Q&A with director Barbara Jendrzejczyk; „Legenda Klimka” after screening Q&A with director Julia Kaczorowska
13:15 Films: „Tomasz Mackiewicz (1973 – 2018)” – after the screening, Q&A with directors M. Haris Ansari and Naveed Bari; „Life In Four Elements” – after the screening, Q&A with the director Natalie Halle
15:15  Films: „Reel Rock 12 – Safety Third”, „Reel Rock 12 – Stumped”, „Mira”
17:15 Film „The DawnWall”. After the screening, Q&A with Tommy Caldwell

19:45 Rebroadcast of the Les Piolets d’Or Award Ceremony with simultaneous translation into Polish

09:00 Wojciech Szatkowski. Freedom Skiing

10:00 Lech and Wojciech Flaczyński. Polish Family Expedition – MAKALU 2018.

11:00 Bartosz Malinowski. 2nd stage of the Great Himalaya Trail (Kashmir and Indian Himalaya)

12:15: Meeting: Piotr Trybalski talking with Bartek Dobroch. Bartek Dobroch talking with Piotr Trybalski.

13:30 Contemporary mountain guiding- perspectives and risks-a panel discussion of  IVBV-UIAGM-IFMGA guides (in English only). The guests will include guides from Poland, Czech Republic, France, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. Lead: Ludwik Wilczyński

15:00 Piotr Drożdż- Ryszard “Rico” Malczyk. Remembering an outstanding Stuntman.

17:15 The jubilee of Anna Czerwińska. Apart from the jubilarian the guests include: Krystyna Palmowska, Anna Okopińska, Leszek Cichy, Darek Załuski, Krzysztof Wielicki, Janusz Majer, Marek Arcimowicz, Ryszard Kowalewski, Piotr Pustelnik, Roman Gołędowski and Zbyszek Piotrowicz also as a leader.

20:00 Films: “Choices”, “Hold Fast”, “Follow Through”

22:00 Films: “In the Starlight”, “My Big White Things & Me”

Zdrojowa Café

09.00-13:00 Workshops “How to climb this mountain”

9:00 Kazbek and Elbrus .Tomasz Kobielski and rescuers from Georgia- Giorgi Sujashvili and Koba Sujashvili.

10:30 The highest peak of the Alps- Mont Blanc-truth and myths. Maciek Ciesielski.

11:30 Cortina d’Ampezzo – a perfect region for those who start their rock climbing adventure. Bogumił Słama

13.15 Workshops: “How to plan and organize a long-distance expedition?” Łukasz Supergan

14:30 THULE workshops: What can you do with a bicycle trailer? Radek Karlicki

15:45 Workshops and lecture- Cycling through the mountains. Janusz Gołąb

17:30 Meeting with Mariusz Sepioło – lead: Anna Król.

18:15 Meeting with Edyta Stępczak – lead: Paweł Drozd.
22:00 Festival Party

Festival Kindergaten

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LYO CULTURE CLUB and the Bookstore
08:00 – 09:00 Yoga with Mina Leslie-Wujastyk
09:00 – 10:30 Breakfast on the grass, including:

Reading Mountain Literature- Krzysztof Wielicki reading “Reinhold Messner. About Life” (author: Reinhold Messner

Coffee talks- short, not translated talks over a cup of morning coffee

Alex Txikon – what are his plans for the next winter?
Paweł Wysoczański – is it easier to assess or be assessed?
Michał Leksiński – why do mountaineers need a spokesperson?
10:30 Wojciech Szatkowski signing „Polskie Góry na nartach. Przewodnik skiturowy 01”.
11:00 Piotr Pustelnik signing „Ja, Pustelnik”.
12:30 Danuta Piotrowska signing books.

13:00 Robert Robb Maciąg signing “Tysiąc szklanek herbaty”
16:30 Denis Urubko signing „Condemned to the Mountains”.
18:00 Mariusz Sepioło signing– „Himalaistki”, Bartek Dobroch signing – „Droga Słonia”.
18:45 Piotr Trybalski signing – „Wszystko za K2” and Edyta Stępczak signing – „Burka w Nepalu nazywa się Sari”.
19:30 Anna Czerwińska signing „Górfanki”.

Alhambra Hotel
12:00 Meeting with Danuta Piotrowska. Lead: Wojciech Kuczok.
13:15 Crossing the borders creatively with the Anna Pasek Foundation – Iwona Kukla A presentation summarising 10 years of the organization and its extensive activity.

Other venues
09:00 High School Gym. Open Training with “Forma na Szczyt”.Karol Hennig

09:00-10:00- registration for the climbing competition Lądek Big Wall (competition office is in the Festival office)
10:00 High School Gym. Physiotherapy workshops with “Forma na Szczyt”. Karol Hennig

10:30- start of climbing competition Lądek Big Wall- Skałki Lądeckie (Lądeckie Rocks)- Skałki Wzgórza Trojak I Stołowe Skały
11:30 Zdrojowy Park: Trail Running for kids
11.45 Larch Avenue: PETZL warm-up for runners, with Natalia Tomasiak
12:00 Larch Avenue: Trail Running Competition Brubeck Everest Run
14:00 – 18:00 Ferrino Stand (Expo): Meeting with Krzysztof Wielicki and other members of the K2 National Expedition

15:00-Amfiteatr – Trail Running Competition Brubeck Everest Run- decoration
16:00 DZ Wojciech; Opening of the exhibition of Ewa Dyakowska- Berbeka collages “On the Way”. Stanisław Berbeka

18:00-18:30 Amfiteatr- Lądek Big Wall- climbing competition-decoration
22:00 Amphitheatre: Concert “Strachy na Lachy”

Sunday, 23rd September 2018 r.

Big Tent
10:00 Bogumił Słama. The Forgotten Expedition. K2 memories (live Interpretation to English)
11:45 Denis Urubko interview with Monika Rogozińska (Speaker speaks English, live interpretation to English)
13:00 Piolets d’Or awarders: Helias Millerioux, Fred Degoulet and Benjamin Guigonnet (live Interpretation to English)
13:45 Piolets d’Or awarders: Chantel Astorga, Anne Gilbert Chase (live Interpretation to English)
14:45 Adam Bielecki – #GasherbrumExplorations2018
17:45 Film Award Ceremony, Mountain Culture Awards and Closing Ceremony (live Interpretation to English)
19:30 Awarded films of the Festival (in English or with English subtitles)

Cinema Tent
(in English or with English subtitles)
09:45 Films: „Mountain of The Crystal Diggers”; „Runcamino” – after the screening, Q&A with the director Adrian Dmoch and the runner Robert Celiński
11:45 Films: „Ario Dream”; „Chasing Balance” (in Spanish, subtitled in Polish) – after screening, Q&A with the director Aitor Barez and the climber Aitana Callejo
13:45 Films; „Big World”, „Mothered By Mountains”; „Blue Heart” – with an intro by Norbert Sandner from Patagonia
15:45 – 17:45 Meeting with Sir Chris Bonington, film “Bonington Mountaineer”. After the screening meeting with the director Brian Hall. (speaker speaks English)


10:00 Prof. Tomasz Banasiewicz. High-altitude medicine.

11:45 Spirit of Alpine Style. A panel discussion with outstanding alpinists –
Chris Bonington, Andrej Štremfelj and others. (Speakers speak English only)

13:00 Meeting with Krzysztof Wielicki, lead: Wojciech Kuczok
14:30 High Altitude Mountaineering-step beyond in human performance. Karol Henning (lecture in English only)

15:15 Workshops- How not to dress a kid for the mountains- Arkadiusz Łojek

Festival Kindergarten

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LYO CULTURE CLUB and the Bookstore
08:00 – 09:00 Yoga with Marta Sokołowska
09:00 – 10:30 Breakfast on the grass, including:

Reading Mountain Literature – Kinga Baranowska reading „Elizabeth Hawley” (author: Bernadette McDonald).

Coffee talks – short, not translated talks over a cup of morning coffee:

Tommy Caldwell – what other crazy things can you do?

Piotr Pustelnik – a new route to the Pole?

Bernadette McDonald – a discussion about a book

10:30 Bernadette McDonald signing „Elisabeth Hawley” and other books

11.30 – Małgorzata and Jan Kiełkowski signing „ „ZDOBYCIE TATR. Historia i kronika taternictwa”

13.45 – Krzysztof Wielicki signing „Jeden dzień z życia”.

16:00 – Adam Bielecki signing „Spod zamarzniętych powiek”.

Other venues

10:30-14:00 PETZL Tent: PETZL workshops: Self-rescue, open-air workshops run by Bogusław Kowalski and Maciek Ciesielski
11:00 Hotel Alhambra: Meeting with Małgorzata and Jan Kiełkowski (Zdobycie Tatr) lead: Paweł Drozd
11:00 Larch Avenue: Trail Running Competition Salomon Annapurna Run

14:00 Amfiteatr- Trail Running Competition Salomon Annapurna Run-decoration


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